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Content Copywriting

Writing content for your brand is the single most time-consuming task you may face. But content can also be the single most effective asset to growing your brand and finding new customers. 

Good content will entertain your potential customer base. Great content will engage them, and influence their buying decisions. To create great content we put ourselves in your audiences shoes,  we brainstorm with large groups of potential like-minded customers, and investigate what the competition is writing about.  

Content comes in many forms, it could be a service page, or blog post or a video. It could consist of an eBook or an infographic that encourages downloads or interaction. Whatever form it takes having great content can make a customer 131% more likely to choose you over your competitors. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a form of digital marketing, whereby you create and promote small pieces of content that  support larger pieces of content, and/or point people to your existing website.

Social media although not directly a proven SEO ranking factor does have major implications in your brands online positioning. If you are not actively using your social media platforms to reach your existing customer base, and generate new customers you are missing out big-time.

Some of the questions we ask our partners when starting a social media campaign for them include:

  • Who is your target/ideal customer?
  • What do you hope to achieve by using social media?
  • Thinking of your target audience, where would they hang out, and how would they use social media?
  • What kind of message are you wanting to send to your audience?
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Blog Posting / Guest Blogging

Blogging is technically an offshoot of content marketing. It is also separated from it here especially because it can be added as a standalone module for brands that wish to focus on long-tail keywords and supporting their main services. 

Blogs are most certainly not new, they have been around for years. How they are used however, has evolved quite a bit.

Blogs are fantastic ways to grow your brand presence on a shoestring budget. Blog posts are usually much more design lean in comparison to pages, and as such are also much more affordable. That being said a blog can have every bit as much SEO benefit as a page has.

For every main service or product you provide, you should also have a web of blog posts supporting that service or product. This method introduces semantic terms that prop up your relevancy and visibility in search engine rankings.

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